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Implementing national financial inclusion mandates in the Arab region


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MCS+KF+AGFUND+AMF+18MCSummit logos longBeth Rhyne’s recent review of the Davos report “Guidance on the application of the core principles for effective banking supervision to the regulation and supervision of institutions relevant to financial inclusion” articulately and clearly present some of the chief benefits of the Davos meeting as well as outline some of the important work that still largely remains in context of framing regulations to support achieving full financial inclusion.

The Campaign, like the Center for Financial Inclusion, has a mission that focuses on ensuring that as financial inclusion strategies are developed become the prime means of moving forward the global agenda to end poverty, that these strategies are sure to include those who are among the hardest to reach populations. This will take a mix of new and innovative programs as well as, as Beth Rightly phrased it, a reinvention of how regulatory frameworks facilitate those programs.

At the 18th Microcredit Summit, the Campaign is organizing, in partnership with the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and the Arab Gulf Fund for Development (AGFUND), a special meeting of Governors of central banks throughout the Arab region to discuss recent progress in achieving this redefined shape and meeting their financial inclusion mandates. With participation from key stakeholders like GIZ, CGAP, and others, we will be facilitating a deep discussion on the importance of many of the key issues that Beth has raised. Learn more about this side event, called “Implementing National Financial Inclusion Mandates.”

We encourage you to read her assessment on where Davos has brought the regulatory sector and what roads and challenges lie ahead for it. Furthermore, if the topic really grabs you, the Davos report is open for public comment until March 31, 2016.

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