Microfinance E-Library

Here at the Microcredit Summit Campaign we look to provide access to both academic and practical resources. As the internet becomes one of the main forums for knowledge exchange in the field of microfinance, resource websites have become much more developed. The Microfinance E-Library looks to be an wonderful resource for both practitioners and networks. As stated in their institutional profile below, they concentrate on India, but look to share globally. This site focuses on “rigorous research,” not in-depth institutional profiling like existing sites such as the MIX Market.

“The Microfinance E-Library was created as part of a new initiative, the Microfinance Researchers Alliance Program (MRAP), launched by the Centre for Micro Finance and Ford Foundation. The program aims to equip researchers in India, and around the world, to learn more about microfinance and rigorous research methods.”

Visit their website at: http://www.ifmr.ac.in/cmf/elibrary/

Please submit any other microfinance based web-resources you have found helpful by email, and we will consider featuring them here!