Recent Media Highlights Pro Mujer’s Positive Impact on the Lives of Women

Pro Mujer works in Latin America to help elevate the poorest women out of poverty. Their approach is to provide women not only with small loans to start a business, but also to the confidence and health care support necessary to carry out a successful business. The organization began in 1990 in Bolivia and has since branched out to various other countries, providing over $488 million in small loans to women.

Linked here is a video of the segment broadcast on MSNBC on January 25, highlighting the progress made by Pro Mujer client Florencia Chanca, who not only has a successful business but employs many others, demonstrating the potential of microcredit in creating jobs. To see the segment with Chris Jansing on the Nightly News, click here.

Pro Mujer was also highlighted in the January/February issue of Microfinance Insights, Intellecap’s quarterly magazine, which published an interview with Lynne Patterson, Director and Co-founder of Pro Mujer. To read this article, click here.