My experience as an MCS intern

The experience I have had as an intern at the Microcredit Summit has been both rewarding and informative. I have learned a lot about the potential scope and impact of microfinance, and I am eager to continue finding ways to further MCS’s mission. The vision, dedication, and innovation of Sam and the MCS staff have continuously inspired me.

But above all, my experience at the Microcredit Summit has taught me a lesson that I know will be invaluable in all of my future endeavors: the willingness to break the rules of an established framework is a prerequisite for any real change. Though critics of microfinance claiming that not everyone can be an entrepreneur have been very visible lately, I have seen their claim disproved time after time working at MCS. The stories of diverse MCS clients across continents who have embraced microfinance and changed their lives serve as testament to the importance and applicability of microfinance for poverty alleviation. Inclusion is good for humanity, and anyone who scans the MCS website will see that access to basic services—health care, education, banking—really does change lives.

Thanks to everyone at MCS, and I hope to work with you again in the future !