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Peter Olivier, who served on our staff at the Microcredit Summit Campaign from 2008-2009 and was an excellent Project Manager for the Latin America-Caribbean Regional summit in Colombia, June, is beginning six weeks of travel throughout Latin America during which time he will be investigating the client outcomes from the perspectives of all participants in the microfinance process.

His research helps to answer the growing need for reliable, detailed social performance measurements (SPM) in the field. He will be conducting a number of interviews with parties at every level of the process but they will be roughly divided into two types:

  1. Once a week he will meet MFI leaders on behalf of The MIX and asking them for their opinion on how and why people are measuring social performance.
  2. He will also meet with local MFI staff and clients to discuss their perceptions on the social effects of microfinance.

Peter will be posting his interviews and blogging about his experience and own thoughts during this time. We hope you will join us in following him on his exciting and thought-provoking trip!

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