Goodbye Bloggers – Reflection from a Departing Intern

It has been an incredible two-month experience for me here at MCS. The Microcredit Summit Campaign is an interesting place: part advocacy, part research, part event-planning…

As an intern, I was asked to spend much of my time scouring the internet for the newest stories and developments in microfinance (particularly for this blog). It was a chance to read and, more importantly, to reflect.

Slowly, but surely, the world is changing. And with the work I’ve done here, I know that microfinance will one day bring about a very profound change. What did the articles and news stories teach me? Successful microfinance combines the money and altruism of traditional aid, with a more comprehensive understanding of causality and a personalized process of educating the poor recepients. Sure, there are plenty of critics and skeptics of our campaign against global poverty, but the small deeds of thousands of microfinance institutions cannot be ignored. Especially for the extreme poor and those who are most in need, the smallest of donations and the most basic of modern technological tools (as simple as a cell phone) could mean life-altering changes. Microfinance is important, and a path worth sticking to.

Beyond the general field of microfinance… My tasks here gave me a wider appreciation for not just the planning and coordination it takes to flawlessly execute regional and global conferences, but also for the broader passion that infuses the work. The staff meetings for both MCS and RESULTS exhibited the highest levels of enthusiasm. I loved how the work environment was always encouraging and up-beat. It was the frequent exchanges of “Thank you”s, “Congratulations”s, and “Well Done”s that truly impressed upon me one of the biggest lessons of my internship. It is always important to express gratitude. In the hectic times of planning an event, taking dozens of calls, and shuffling through endless amounts of data and paperwork, it is often easy to forget how important this work really is… that at the end of the conference, the phone calls, the data, and the paperwork, there is the collective achievement of a very big goal.

My tasks may often have been tedious and, in the overall structure of the organization, my contributions may have been minute, but I thoroughly cherished all the moments of my internship. Thank you to all in the office and in the broader RESULTS-MCS family. Thank you for letting me be a part of you. Good luck to you all. I look forward to hearing more and more about your successes. I’m sure there will be many.