Laos’ Forgotten Women

During a trip to the Ban Hai village in central Laos Charlotte Halligan – who works for the Social and Economic Developers Association in Laos – witnesses for the first time microcredit for women in action. Her article also gives us an insight into a country most people know little about. A country torn between the great beauty of its landscapes and the arch poverty of its people (27% of people live below $1 a day; 75% of people live with less than $2).

“The skills they have, which have been taken for granted for so long, are finally being recognized and for they feel like their opinions and knowledge actually count. Micro-credit offers them the chance to make their own decisions about their futures.”

Read her full article published on August 1st in AsianWeek. To learn more about The Social Economic Developers Association and how they finance, educate and empower women to run their businesses profitably clic here.