Jamii Bora helps Kenyans build a new life in Kaputei

On September 13th, the Seattle Times reported on Jamii Bora success story. Now one of Kenya’s largest microfinance organizations, with about 230,000 members, it has gone beyond the wildest imagination of what microfinance organizations are expected to accomplish with its new project.
22 miles outside of Nairobi, Kaputei is a being erected as a new self-contained town that Jamii Bora hopes will someday be home to 10,000 people, schools, shops and small industry.
“To keep costs down, Jamii Bora is manufacturing the building materials on site, providing jobs to its members and others living nearby. Kaputei is also an eco-town of sorts, with houses powered by solar panels and an ambitious plan to recycle 70 percent of the wastewater through man-made wetlands.”
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