RaceCar Drivers Leverage Twitter to END Poverty with Microfinance

To kick off Race 4 Change ( http://Race4Change.org ), top Twitter personalities and humanitarians will meet offline & on Twitter for a TweetUp to mix and mingle at one of New York City’s hippest lounges and hear about a daring and dangerous month long racecar rally on Kenya’s rough terrain to raise public awareness and money to end poverty and environmental degradation. By leveraging the microblogging site Twitter, two international financiers-turned-racecar drivers Steven Funk, a Canadian, and Jean-Louis Juchault, a Frenchman, and leading U.S. and African organizations, will launch a massive grassroots campaign throughout the global Twitter community to support the treacherous racecar rally’s goal of ending poverty, expanding microlending, and protecting the environment to transform the lives of Africa’s poorest people.

The grueling road race, to take place in November, is a coordinated effort between the East African Safari Classic Rally, Jamii Bora and Microcredit Summit. 100% of money raised will benefit Kenya-based Jamii Bora Bank, an innovative, world-renowned microcredit lending institution, and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, a global campaign to reach the world’s poorest families, especially women, with credit and financial services. It will host it’s next meeting in Kenya in April 2010.

In a day when the smallest effort can make the greatest difference, help show the power of what can happen when a challenge is offered and thousands respond. We can race to make great change! Follow the action in real time at @race4change, and share via your Twitter! Copy and ReTweet the below:

Pls RT: Check out the @race4change Tweetup in #NYC Sept 23, Africa Rally racers fight to end poverty: http://bit.ly/5RPiX #race4change

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  1. Love the positive and powerful way social media sites like twitter can have on such a rampant problem which is poverty. Worldwide and now in the US with the 5 million people currently unemployed! For all those US entrepreneurs check out: https://www.angelsinaction.tv/Wish you all the best in this great endeavor and let's do something about this!RM

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