Thoughts from a Departing Intern

As my internship at the Microcredit Summit Campaign comes to an end, I wanted to share my impressions with the readers of this blog. Over the past three months I have learned a lot from the dedicated members of this organization and was given the opportunity to get a better insight into Microfinance thanks to the various conferences I attended and articles I read for this blog.

Believing in the capacity of Microfinance requires us to challenge our mindset, just as all revolutionary discoveries. Microcredit is not a magic wand. It is a complex tool that can change the lives of the poorest inhabitants of our planets when carefully used. Not only does it change those women’s lives financially but above all it changes the perception they have of themselves and the perception their community has of them – making it maybe the greatest empowerment tool. Of course, Microcredit is not flawless, but its practitioners are truly dedicated to find new ways to improve its implementation.

If Microcredit may not lift one hundred per cent of its clients out of poverty, I have come across enough outstanding success stories to believe it is worth the try.

The voiceless of the world need your help to be heard. Every one of us can help make a difference. Like Ingrid Munro declared during the lecture she gave yesterday in NY at the JP Morgan foundation “It is not about the “Yes, we can!”; it is about the “Yes, we must!”

Most sincere thanks to Jeff, Sam and Nick and all the RESULTS team.