Microfinance According to Ingrid Munro – a Delightful Story

In a lovely, inspiring and amazing lecture Ms. Ingrid Munro shared her story, the story of Jamii Bora, the organization she founded in Kenya and the stories of what she calls the “slower and faster climbers”. She gave an illustration of the magnificent work she has accomplished through the last 10 years and her continuing extraordinary involvement for Jamii Bora members.

In a lecture hosted by J.P. Morgan in New York, on September 21st midday, Ingrid Munro explained to us, how she worked with the members of Jamii Bora and succeeded in getting them out of poverty.

In July 1999, Ms. Munro started Jamii Bora, by lending money to 50 women street beggars, who had proven they could save as little as 0.65$ per week, for months. Today, there are more than 200,000 members of Jamii Bora, and it is the largest microfinance institution in Kenya.

Ingrid Munro did not just start a microfinance institution that provides loan to poor people but she created a new model by providing microcredit along with significant services like health and life insurance. Jamii Bora created a remarkable safety net around the members making sure they will be able to reimburse their loan and eventually succeed out of poverty. Throughout Jamii Bora, Ingrid Munro also founded a Business school for the members and primary and high school institutions will be completed soon.

Furthermore, she is supporting and encouraging the members of Jamii Bora in building a new town. The members are building their own town to move out of their slums. They are also building the roads through the new town and all the houses have solar panels for their energy needs. Ingrid proudly mentioned “today Jamii Bora members are building the first eco-town in Africa and we are managing ourselves!”

To conclude in Ms. Munro’s own words “everybody is not a success story and some people take a long time, we never give up and one day, they will say I can also make it!”

You can watch the delightful lecture titled “Not even the sky is the limit” here.