Educating Children about Microfinance

Never too young to learn about microfinance: inspired from a true story, children can learn about microfinance with Katie Smith Milway’s book, One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference.

The story takes place in a village in Ghana (Africa) where people got the idea of saving money for the villagers and one family at a time can use the money saved as a loan to buy “something important”. Your children and you will get the chance to know how useful the loan will be and how it will change the life of a young boy Kojo and his widowed mother.

Also, One Hen offers a friendly website to learn about microfinance in an fun way with some exciting games, as well as plenty of useful resources for parents and professors and also people sharing their stories. The website offers a good collection of rhythmic African music too!

Here is a review of the book on Education Oasis.