Pro Mujer launches microfinance-health initiative with PATH and Global Partnerships

A remarkable microfinance and health initiative in Latin America has been launched recently by three non-profits organizations: Global Partnerships, PATH and Pro Mujer. As they mentioned in their Q&A : “the organizations will jointly address key health challenges in Latin America by developing a microfinance model for expanding access to essential, low-cost health solutions that are financially sustainable over the long term.”

Global Partnerships(GB), a Seattle-based organization, provides support to microfinance institutions in Latin America. GB partners with microfinance institutions working especially for women and rural poor. PATH, also a Seattle-based organization, works toward making sure that healthcare and health technologies are accessible worldwide, especially in the most needed area. Pro Mujer is “an international women’s development and microfinance organization that alleviates poverty in Latin America by providing financial services, healthcare and training to poor women entrepreneurs.”

This initiative will start this month in Nicaragua as a model to be expanded throughout Latin America and will take place in two phases. The first phase will work toward getting a financially sustainable healthcare strategy, while the second phase will be a pilot project to demonstrate how microfinance organizations can be a powerful tool to promote primary and preventive healthcare services in a financially sustainable way. As we know, Pro Mujer already provides microfinance services, healthcare and training, but through these partnerships they will take advantage of the health expertise of PATH and also get financial support from PATH and GBto “develop a sustainable funding stream for integrated health services and education that are offered through the microfinance platform.”

For more information, please read the Press Release