Ten More Workshops Authors Announced for the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit

We are delighted to announce the next ten authors of workshops papers to be presented at the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit to be held from November 14 to 17, 2011 in Valladolid, Spain.

The workshops include Initial Public Offerings: The Field’s Salvation or Downfall with one paper by Vikram Akula, CEO of SKS Microfinance, and another by Sanjay Sinha, Managing Director of M-CRIL; What is the Low-Bar and What is the High-Bar on Client Protection? by Beth Rhyne, Managing Director of Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International; and Is Transparency Enough: What Is Fair and Ethical When It Comes to Interest Rates in Microfinance? by Chuck Waterfield, CEO & President of MFTransparency.

With the workshops released last week, this brings our total to twenty workshops and authors announced. To see a complete list, click here.

Working Group Formed on Microfinance in Industrialized Countries

A working group has been formed to identify workshop titles relevant to practitioners and other stakeholders working in industrialized countries. Members of the working group are:

  • Chair: Maria Nowak, President, L’Association pour le droit à l’initiative économique (ADIE), France
  • Vice Chair: Connie Evans, President & CEO, Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), USA
  • Grzegorz Galusek, Executive Director, Microfinance Centre (MFC), Poland
  • Mikhail Mamuta, President, Russian Microfinance Center, (RMC) Russia
  • Nazrul Chowdhury, Microfinance Consultant, ICO, Spain
  • Philippe Guichandut, Executive Director, European Microfinance Network (EMN), France
  • Wendy Bauman, President & CEO, Wisconsin Women’s Businesses Initiative Corporation (WWBIC), USA