Accelerate Ghana’s Economy

Congratulations to this week’s winner of the Raffle for Institutional Action Plan Submitters, Accelerate Ghana’s Economy of Ghana!

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Accelerate Ghana’s Economy (AGE) works as an NGO, helping convert the creativity and passion of prospective micro entrepreneurs into sustainable businesses. With business training and ongoing support, clients can supplement their income and even support themselves full-time in their new businesses. In the end, AGE hopes to bring economic revitalization to Ghana by helping reduce poverty and lower the unemployment rate.


Africa is the only continent yet to attain significant development progress in multiple areas. The technological progress attained in the 21st Century can be either utilized to bridge this gap or can cause Africa to be left further behind the rest of the world. The WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME (WEP) aims to reach the women of Ghana, who make up over 50% of the population. Accelerate Ghana’s Economy believes that neglecting women in any developmental agenda for Ghana will have serious consequences. Although a small scale operation, WEP is the only women-oriented program with government support.

WEP aims to create employment, hoping to access development through the sustainable transformation of lives. The typical AGE client does not know how to create and maintain a successful business. These clients work long hours for little more than minimum wage and, with minimal education, have little opportunity to obtain a better life. With the AGE business training course, clients are surrounded by other supportive members from the savings and loan banks, who share the drive to achieve financial independence and exercise their creativity in a way that they cannot do at their day jobs. The business trainer gives practical information to the class as well as a sense of empowerment by showing the students how small businesses are started every day across the country.