Jinnah Welfare Society

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Established in 1990, the Jinnah Welfare Society (JWS) aims to reduce poverty and lift the socio economic status of low-income and marginalized communities. The organization started its microfinance journey with SAP-PK in 1997, and later coordinated with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and The Asia Foundation (TAF) from 1998 to 2001 to reach its goals. However, a new era for JWS’s microfinance activities began in May 2001 when it entered into a business partnership with PPAF. The PPAF partnership gave JWS an opportunity to fulfill its goal to serve low-income and disadvantaged groups through a range of innovative microfinance products. Recent years have witnessed the unprecedented impact of micro loans and allied financial products and services, creating new opportunities for low-income households to access financial services to enhance their incomes and secure a better future for their families. With over 60,000 loans serviced among low-income groups of target communities, JWS has truly fulfilled its promise to lift the status of marginalized communities, and is fully geared to continue with the same mandate in the years ahead.

Despite the ongoing economic crunch, JWS continues to its commitment of serving unbanked communities and ensuring their access to easy and cost-effective financial services. By continuing to explore innovation in microfinance, JWS has adopted a client-driven approach, introducing branchless banking, satellite branches and agriculture loaning for rural communities.

The microfinance program has a deep rooted connection with ongoing economic life on the area. Economic growth is up scaled and business activity is boosted, creating opportunities for business and social entrepreneurship JWS has knitted communities together and strengthened their bonds.

JWS has maintained a 100% recovery rate over the years, indicating organizational strength in the microfinance delivery. Its efforts are acknowledged by donors, and it is the first organization to be selected under PPAF’s IFAD-PRISM Equity Fund, meeting international criteria on actual sustainability and third party assessments.