Help Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra restore eyesight to 1,000 villagers in India!

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK), a member of the Microcredit Summit Campaign since 1998, is a non-profit organization operating in Jharkhand and Bihar states and was established by four engineering graduates in India in 1971. NBJK works with poor people from rural areas to establish a just society in which no one remains hungry, unemployed, exploited, or discriminated against.

One of the biggest areas of focus for NBJK is healthcare. Currently, NBJK has two charitable eye hospitals where they help very poor, neglected people with cataracts. They offer surgery at either a low, affordable fee or for free (if they can secure grants to cover the cost). Without sight, it is impossible to work or even to take care of oneself, so many of these people become a great burden on their families.

The cost for this life-changing surgery is only $28.  For the equivalent of dinner and a movie, a person’s vision can be restored and their life can be changed forever. NBJK has applied to Global Giving, an online donation service, and they have conditionally accepted NBJK’s proposal for $30,000 for 1000 surgeries of cataract blind poor villagers. However, in order to become a permanent member of Global Giving and be able to help even more individuals, NBJK needs to raise $4,000 by September 30th. They have 5 days to raise only $900 more .

Any donation will help NBJK advance a little more toward reaching its goal and restoring the sight of a very deserving person. So far NBJK has raised just over $3,000 and is hoping to reach the set target with your kind support by September 30th.

Please share with your friends, family and colleagues and help NBJK in their charitable enterprise: