Make a New Year’s Resolution to End Poverty

Are you committed to ending poverty? Tell us how you or your organization can help end severe poverty. How will you

empower women?
better reach the poorest?
ensure products and services are meeting their needs?
measure outcomes?

Sharing your New Year’s Resolution ideas will inspire others to make similar resolutions! If you are sharing a resolution from your institution, think about what it is your institution does best. If you are sharing a resolution you are making as an individual, think about what you are most passionate about. Strive for a resolution that will challenge you or your organization but is also achievable.

It’s not too late to make your New Year’s Resolution! Help us build the global movement to help 100 million families lift themselves out of poverty!

Consider these ideas:

Are you a microfinance institution?

Are you a foundation or investor?

  • Commit to provide funding to pursue the 100 Million Project’s Global Learning Agenda
  • Commit to fund institutions that have been successfully assessed for the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence
  • Commit to provide support for client preference research

Are you a network?

  • Commit to achieving a specific percentage of your members using the PPI annually
  • Commit to educating regulators in your country on the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence, and how it is contributing to ensuring positive outcomes for microfinance clients and their families

Are you an individual?

  • Commit to learning more about the 100 Million Project, the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence, and the Health and Microfinance Alliance and finding ways to incorporate those learning into your institution
  • Commit to attending an upcoming Summit to learn more about how a holistic approach to development leads to the best results for clients (details on our 2013 Summit will be published shortly; sign up for our newsletter to make sure you receive updates!)

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By filling out this survey, you give us permission to make these resolutions public. We’ll share top examples of meaningful and measurable resolutions throughout February. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!