The Seal Technical Committee met in London at the end of January to review the results of the seven beta test assessments and to evaluate and revise the methodology.  The seven assessments were conducted in South Africa, Peru, Jordan, Bolivia, Philippines, India and Senegal – representing a variety of sizes and legal forms.  The poverty lens of the Seal is focused on indicators of

  • Intent
  • Strategy (products and services)
  • Measurement
  • Quality of data/reporting
  • Findings/Results
  • Use of Results.

While the proposed final methodology will be presented to the Seal Steering Committee for approval at the end of March, it addresses three key dimensions.

  1. Outreach to Poor People
  2. Products and Services that Meet the Needs of Poor People
  3. Tracking Progress toward  Positive Change for Poor People

The meeting was a success and we look forward to sharing the final methodology in Q2 2013.

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