What Technology Can (and Can’t) Do for Financial Inclusion

More from the Financial Inclusion 2020 launch: answering questions from webinar participants about technology. The #2013Summit – “Partnerships against Poverty” – will have a track on digital partnerships. October 9-11 in the Philippines. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN — http://partnershipsagainstpoverty.org/

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> Posted by Loretta Michaels, Partner, HMS Wireless Consulting

Financial Inclusion 2020 Blog Series banner imageThe Financial Inclusion 2020 campaign at the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion is building a movement toward full financial inclusion by 2020. This blog series spotlights financial inclusion efforts around the globe, shares insights from the FI2020 consultative process, and highlights findings from “Mapping the Invisible Market.

A good webinar yields more questions than there is time to answer, and the Financial Inclusion 2020 launch webinar was a case in point. Participants asked some excellent questions we couldn’t address during the webinar, so we are now following up on some of the questions about technology. For answers, we turned to Loretta Michaels, who facilitates our FI2020 Technology Working Group.

Q: Andrew Pospielovsky (Egypt): Clearly technology will dramatically increase access to financial services, and this process of technological development is self-sustaining even without funder intervention. I believe the real…

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