Data quality and the Pro-Poor Principles

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  • Data quality — Moving forward, the beta test findings have highlighted the importance of developing guidelines for quality issues with data on poor clients.
  • Data disaggregation — need for pro-poor microfinance promote activities like disaggregating data on poor clients as part of the continued improvement of pro-poor practices across the globe
  • Where did these findings lead us — one of the 4 sub-categories under each of the 3 Pro-Poor Principles is “Measurement and Data Quality”


Pro-Poor Principles series
On 15 May 2013 we announced our Pro-Poor Principles in a blog post, found here. In this continuing series of blog posts, we will elaborate on the path that brought us to these Pro-Poor Principles of microfinance. The principles will inform both the learning environment in our community of practice, as well as our methodology for determining organizations that will be recognized by the Pro-Poor Seal of Excellence. We appreciate any thoughts you have on the Pro-Poor Principles and how best to apply them to practice. If you would like more information, please contact MeasureLearnChange[at]

The Beta Tests and Data quality
In partnership with technical experts in microfinance, we recently concluded a beta testing phase for the Seal of Excellence. The 7 microfinance institutions evaluated in the beta tests represent a variety of regions, as well as organization sizes and legal forms. You can view some…

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