Institutional Action Plan Raffle Winner: Community Development Society Nagpur

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Congratulations to this week’s winner of the Raffle for Institutional Action Plan Submitters, Community Development Society, Nagpur of India!

Watch a message prepared by CDS, Nagpur

By Rev. P. Y. Singh, Secretary, Community Development Society (CDS), Nagpur


In 1985 Community Development Society (CDS) was formed in the small town of Amravati, India. It was registered under Charity Act of Bombay Public Trust Act. At that stage the main purpose was micro enterprise development. Because of this, entrepreneurship development, business training, and small loans up to US $100 were provided to clients to start small new businesses or to strengthen existing small businesses. These businesses created jobs for the business owners and their employees.

CDS community health nurse conducting the child health and immunization program in the village.

In 1991, CDS initiated provision of health services to our clients in villages. Our staff reported that many of our clients and their family members had to seek medical treatment in towns and villages far away. Illnesses forced business closure, and often the business loan was spent for critical medical treatment. CDS trustees established teams of health workers and set up a small clinic in our village center where our clients and other people could come. The treatment is provided free of cost, but patients had to buy medicine. This strengthened our charity motive and is still functioning.

Later, villagers asked CDS to start English Medium Schools in villages and urban slums. Therefore, we started 12 Nursery Schools in urban slums and two Nursery Schools in two villages. We had excellent response. Due to a shortage of funds, we had to close eight Nursery Schools in urban slums and one in town.

We started vocational training for women clients in dress designing, stitching, and marketing their products. We had 15 regular centers for women, and to date 1500 plus girls and women have been trained.

CDS provided vocational training to girls and women in slums and villages.

CDS provided vocational training to girls and women in slums and villages.

In 2006, the beauty salon business was growing in cities, towns, and villages. CDS made contracts with such initiative and gave small loans to girls to use for training, which was generally for six months or one year. Funds to run these are not available at CDS.

In 2007, CDS made a drive of small savings and created the Women Self Help Group. It is compulsory for women clients to make small savings, which is also used for giving small loans to women for any purpose. The main beneficiaries of CDS services are women.

Since the beginning of 2013, CDS staff and their many relatives and friends have started to make small savings with CDS. It will be used for giving small loans to women. It is decided that they will not withdraw savings for up to 3 years. They also will be given interest at par with Bank Rate.

Women Self Help Group meeting in progress.

Women Self Help Group meeting in progress.

All these initiatives are providing stability to CDS.