New ideas come from connecting your hunch to my hunch

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Steven Johnson gave a wonderful TED talk (TEDGlobal 2010) called “Where good ideas come from.” New ideas tend to come out of chaotic situations, and we need to change some of our models of what innovation and deep thinking look like–from “The Thinker” and Newton under the apple tree to the chaotic coffee houses that were the catalyst to the Enlightenment. Microfinance conferences are our chaotic coffee houses.

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  • Steven explains that an idea is like a new network, a new configuration of neurons and tries to explain how you get your brain into a space where it can form these connections more easily.
  • Companies like Google build into their staff’s work schedules guaranteed free time in which they are encouraged to innovate and work on any project that inspires them.
  • Good ideas tend to be around for awhile before you have your epiphany. Any company can help these epiphanies come by allowing those hunches to connect with other peoples’ hunches.