Institutional Action Plan Raffle Winner: Muslim Aid Bangladesh

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Congratulations to this week’s raffle winner, Muslim Aid Bangladesh!

The following was prepared by Muslim Aid Bangladesh. 

Muslim Aid LogoIn Bangladesh, 61.26% rural households and 13.74% urban households do note have access to electricity (SVRS 2007). Generators, and electricity in general, are luxuries that even well-off households cannot expect to have in the near future.

Most households rely on kerosene lamps for indoor lighting, which, while critical to evening household activities, produce toxic smoke and carbon monoxide-causing repository infections.

Muslim Aid Bangladesh has come up with a green solution to this dirty problem: solar lighting systems, or “Solar Bati.” Clean and safe, solar lamps can provide indoor lighting solutions even for the most remote villages. Muslim Aid hopes to reduce respiratory infections and increase the general quality of life with the program.

The best part of the Solar Bati program is that it will support existing microfinance clients and entrepreneurs network. According to Muslim Aid, three types of entrepreneurs will be supported: (a) buyers:  client groups who want solar LED lamp; (b) sellers:  shop keepers who want to sell improved solar LED lamp; and (c) catalysts:  people who promote interest in the solar LED lamp and provide maintenance support to buyers.

Payment for Solar Bati utilizes existing credit markets created by Muslim Aid’s microfinance program. The repayment period for Solar Bati is 3 years on credit.

About the organization: 

Muslim Aid has provided community development and logistic supply of social goods & services to remote areas in Bangladesh for 22 years. The Bangladesh Field Office of Muslim Aid currently works in 53 districts with over 1,500 staff. It has served around 1.5 million peoples since its inception. Muslim Aid Microfinance Program reaches 61,170 beneficiaries from 1,607 villages in 31 districts of the country. Already 10,761 beneficiaries that graduated from Microfinance Programme, have adopted Solar Home System (SHS).

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