Call for Tools! Tracking progress of poor people

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One of the 2 goals of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, as endorsed by delegates at our 2006 Global Microcredit Summit in Halifax, is for the global microfinance community, through appropriate products and services and establishing effective partnerships, to help 100 million families lift themselves out of severe poverty. In order to measure progress toward that goal, practitioners must track the progress of their clients and other stakeholders have a role to support that process.

If Truelift’s call for tools applies to you–your organization is tracking the progress of people living in poverty–please visit the post on Truelift to learn more.


Do you track progress of people living in poverty?
Know someone who does?
We need your input!

Choose one of the TWO ways below to submit your tool for Tracking Progress of People Living in Poverty – email or the form below. Once you have submitted we will follow-up with you as soon possible. To learn more about tracking progress of poor people, click here.


1) Send us an email telling us a little about:

  • You and your organization
  • What tool are you using to track progress of people living in poverty?
  • What is your tracking process?
  • What outcomes have you seen evidence of?
  • What have you learned from this process?

Send to info[at]


2) Complete the form below telling us a little about the ways you track progress of people living in poverty:

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