John Hatch confirmed speaker at 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit

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John Hatch, FINCA International founder and Microcredit Summit Campaign co-founder, delivers talk at 2011 Summit in Spain.

John Hatch, FINCA founder and Microcredit Summit Campaign co-founder, will participate in 2013 Summit in Philippines. (Source:  Microcredit Summit Campaign)

John Hatch is the founder of FINCA and a pioneer in modern day microfinance. His philosophy regarding poverty alleviation work is simple yet poignant: “Give poor communities the opportunity, then get out of the way!”

Self-managed “village banks” are the cornerstone of Hatch’s innovative approach. Since its inception in 1984, FINCA has worked to create employment, raise family incomes, and reduce poverty in 23 countries. Hatch is also helping to guide the agenda of the 2013 Partnerships against Poverty Summit hosted in the Philippines. He sees the comprehensive nature of the Summit as a reflection of “the enormous diversity and sophistication achieved by the microfinance movement in the last decade.”

Hatch calls mothers “superb change agents for their family”:

“Women are more in touch with the children and the problem of poverty is it’s the babies that are dying. You strengthen the mothers and they will take care of the problem of keeping their children alive… 99 cents of every dollar they earn will go to their children.”

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John Hatch on why he believes in microcredit as a solution to end poverty

“Why not create banks exclusively for poor people so they could borrow money for what they wanted to do without having to go and ask anyone else’s permission. It was their bank and they were the owners.”                                                     — John Hatch

A 2009 interview by Hyrum Grenny