Secretary Imelda Nicolas guiding 2013 Summit agenda

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Secretary Imelda M. Nicolas is the Chairperson of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas

Secretary Imelda Nicolas serves as the Chairperson of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) and is a member of the Summit Advisory Committee.

As the diaspora network of Filipino workers grows, remittances to family members continue to pour in the country. Her work includes the development of inclusive financial services and banks, in part a reaction to the increasing number of remittances received in the Philippines.

Secretary Nicolas articulates the importance of policymakers in “leveraging remittances as a tool for economic development”:

Improving the financial education of overseas Filipinos community and implementing measure to further promote the flow of remittances through the financial system would help catalyze the development role of remittances.

Secretary Nicolas has also been invited be a speaker in a workshop organized by ADA & PHB Development called “Leveraging Remittances for Asset Building (Savings and Loans): Product Evolution, Partnerships, and Challenges.”

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