Reflections from the 2013 Summit: Karen Davila Interviews Dr. Mohammad Yunus!!!

The living legend is in the house! Dr. Mohammad Yunus was interviewed by our very own Karen Davila during the plenary this morning. What an Honor! He is the founder of Grameen Bank and since has been called the “father of microfinance” because of the sweeping success of his microfinance projects. Every statement that he said was worth quoting, however this one hit the home-run: “Making one’s self happy is happiness, (but) making others happy is super happiness.” This, he said after invoking everyone’s commitment to share their selflessness in helping the less privileged in reaching out with financial services to help them and be lifted out of severe poverty. He also made it clear that no one should be excluded access to financial services and zeroed in on urging microfinance practitioners and organizations to provide these valuable services, especially to those who do not have the capacity (yet) to pay. It is true that MFIs and other organizations boast of how big and extensive their reach are, however there is the looming massive number of “unreached” vulnerable sectors in the world.  Forming partnerships of different financial efforts and putting them in one basket is a must to turn these numbers into small portions, if not down to zero.

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