A brilliant scheme for making sure Syria’s child refugees get an education

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An ambitious school ‘timeshare’ plan in Lebanon will bring hope to Syria’s young refugees – BUT IT NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!!! 

Syrian refugee children learn inside a makeshift tent class

“If the right to healthcare even in conflict has become the norm, then we can achieve the same for education in 2014.” Photograph: Mohammad Hannon/AP

Slowly but surely a revolutionary idea is being put into operation in the most unpromising area of the world.

While more than 100 years ago the Red Cross established the right to healthcare in conflict zones, the right of refugee boys and girls to continue their education, irrespective of borders, has yet to be won.

But this week in the village of Akroum, which is in the extreme north-east corner of Lebanon close to the Syrian border, a group of exiled Syrian teachers teamed up with Akroum’s local village school to “timeshare” the building. For several half days each week, outside of normal school hours, they teach the refugee children.

These teachers are unpaid volunteers who are taking children off the streets, preventing many from becoming child labourers or even beggars, and already doing what only education can do – providing the children with hope that there is a future worth preparing for.


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  1. I comment the Syrian exile teachers and their host community for their efforts. I am in support of ‘right to education’ in conflict areas.

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