Celebrate Global Money Week 2014

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Global Money WeekJoin the Microcredit Summit Campaign and our partner, Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), to raise awareness on child and youth financial empowerment and inclusion through Global Money Week 2014 this March 10th to 17th!


Microcredit Summit Campaign director, Larry Reed, will be featured in a shared webinar with CYFI during the celebrations. More information will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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How you can join in on the celebration
There will be a number of activities hosted worldwide like webinars and live streaming events. Follow the action and media coverage by creating a Google Alert for “Global Money Week” and check the Global Money Week website for updates.

Host your own activity to engage children and youth! The CYFI Secretariat will even help you broadcast your event globally. Not sure what kind of activity to host? CYFI has developed a great GMW Toolkit, providing suggestions for activities and the steps to implement them. You can also download the GMW print pack to promote your events and share the GMW brochure to get others excited.

Learn about the events already being planned in your country HERE (click “Countries” tab).

For more information and to host your own activity, please reach out to Bram Stoffelle at Stoffele[at]childfinance.org.

Resources available in Spanish: GMW Toolkit and GMW brochure

Get inspired by Global Money Week 2013

We hope to see you engaged in Global Money Week and hosting an activity to ensure children and youth are financially included!

Global Money Week is a global celebration that works to raise awareness on child and youth financial empowerment and inclusion. During this week, various worldwide activities will be held to engage children, youth, and their communities to learn how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and becoming an entrepreneur.