Design your own workshop for the 17th Microcredit Summit

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Green energy workshop from 2013 Summit

Submit a proposal to organize your own workshop by Friday, April 4th.

We are organizing the 17th Microcredit Summit in Mexico this September 8-10, featuring the theme “Generation Next: Innovations in Microfinance.” You are invited to submit a proposal to organize your own workshop.

We are requesting workshop proposals from a wide array of microfinance actors to showcase new and innovative ways of serving the poor and extreme poor. Whether it’s a “best practice” or simply one that is promising, we invite you to share it with us and the 1000 other Summit delegates who will be joining us in Mexico. Explain how you will present the challenges and opportunities associated with the growth and transformation of the sector in an engaging and exciting session format.

You can submit your proposal ONLINE BELOW (or click here for Spanish) in the form or DOWNLOAD THE FORM (and Spanish or French). If you choose to fill out the Word file, please email your completed proposal to with the subject “WORKSHOP PROPOSAL.”

Download our guide here to see ideas for different session and presentation formats.


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6 thoughts on “Design your own workshop for the 17th Microcredit Summit

  1. Sabina,

    Will the winning proposals need to present in Mexico or can the workshop be streamed from somewhere else? I reviewed the guidelines and we would be interested in doing an interview or a panel discussion, but unfortunately we don’t have a budget to fly to Mexico.


    • Dear Vera,
      We are open to exploring the streaming idea. However, if your workshop proposal is really interesting, we may be able to offer a scholarship (either in your workshop or part of another proposal that we receive).
      Best of luck!

  2. Hi I am a PhD candidate doing a study on the effect of microfinance programs to the household welfare of the participating women. Will appreciate if offered an opportunity to share results with participating members in the forthcoming summit

    • Dear Rakiya,
      Thank you for your interest. Yes, indeed, students are welcome to offer their proposal for a workshop–in fact, we’d be very interested to hear your ideas of what is the “next generation” for the microfinance industry. One of our issues w/in this topic is how we will cultivate the next generation of microfinance leaders, and we would love to hear *from* those very people.

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