Join the Google+ Hangout on “Women Who Inspire” — Wednesday @ 1 PM

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Join us for a Google+ Hangout hosted by Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children entitled Girls Grow to Become Women Who Inspire! 


Every day, women make a difference. And girls who are healthy and educated grow up to be inspiring women – moms, health workers and teachers who share the benefits of their knowledge with their families and the wider world. This cycle of inspiration and empowerment only works when girls have access to the tools they need to grow up to be healthy and empowered women – and realize their potential.


Check out last week’s “Women Who Inspire” Twitter here and click here to learn what the Microcredit Summit Campaign doing to improve women’s health and advance their economic development.

As Women’s History Month and the meetings of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women come to a close, Save the Children and Johnson & Johnson will convene partners for a Google+ Hangout, entitled Girls Grow to Become Women Who Inspire.

Join us on Wednesday, March 26th at 1 PM (EDT / GMT-4) to discuss what girls need to become healthy, empowered women and how the global community can improve access to these vital tools.


This public discussion, moderated by Save the Children’s Mary Beth Powers, will address critical interventions for healthy development – and the ways in which their organizations work to enable girls to grow to become women who inspire the world. Chat participants include:

  • Andrea Bartone, FHI 360 (invited)
  • Natasha Madorsky, former Teen Advisor at Girl UP
  • Joy Marini, Johnson & Johnson
  • Winnie Mwebesa, Save the Children
  • PSI Impact (invited)

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