UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization announces a Campaign Commitment

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The Microcredit Summit Campaign welcomes the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN specialized agency for agricultural development, as the newest Campaign Commitment member, joining a global coalition of organizations committed to specific, measurable, and time-bound actions to advance the Campaign’s goal of helping 100 million families lift themselves out of poverty. Their Commitment to disseminate research that enables inclusive agricultural investments to their 143 countries will ensure more inclusive agricultural investments. Read the full Press Release.  

The United Nations specialized agency for agricultural development, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) aims to achieve food security for all and to provide high-quality food so that all people may live active and healthy lives.  FAO strives to eradicate food insecurity and malnutrition, eliminate poverty by working towards economic and social progress, and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. The Microcredit Summit Campaign is proud to announce its newest Commitment: FAO to disseminate research that enables inclusive agricultural investments.

“Reducing extreme poverty requires coordination among different organizations to take the many constraints faced by the poor in order to lift themselves out of poverty. For this reason, FAO is thrilled to join the coalition convened by the Microcredit Summit Campaign, which will contribute significantly to make the work of all committed organizations more effective in achieving the goal they all share,” said Calvin Miller, Senior Agribusiness Finance Officer and Group Leader.

Making Inclusive Agricultural Investments Feasible

FAO has launched a research initiative to identify and up-scale innovative financial arrangements that make inclusive agricultural investments feasible, with support from the Capacity Building in Rural Finance (CABFIN) Partnership.

Image courtesy of FAO

Image courtesy of FAO

Leveraging on the vast field presence of FAO and its partners, the initiative will analyze and disseminate recent innovations in finance and risk management strategies developed by local actors to enable investments that benefit the rural poor. With 75% of the world’s poor living in rural areas and surmounting evidence that growth in agriculture is highly effective in reducing poverty, FAO’s Commitment to ensuring inclusive agricultural investments are feasible is a key contribution to the global movement dedicated to reaching the end of extreme poverty.

Food and Agriculture Organization’s Campaign Commitment:

  • By the third quarter of 2014, FAO will produce two synthesis reports focused on Africa and Latin America that bring together early findings on innovations and public policy recommendations that enable effective delivery of agricultural financial services and risk mitigation tools that favor inclusive agricultural investments.
  • By the second quarter of 2014, FAO will publish a set of policy guidelines and a set of training manuals outlining how financial service providers and local governments can best design strategies to expand access to agricultural finance services and risk managements tools for smallholders and agricultural enterprises.
  • Throughout 2014, FAO will deliver trainings to public and private financial service providers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, aimed at mainstreaming value chain finance analysis in their processes as a way of improving their ability to serve the agricultural sector.
  • Throughout 2014 and 2015, the Rural Finance and Investment Centre (ruralfinance.org), the CABFIN supported knowledge management web platform, will be making publicly available all policy and training material related to finance and investment developed by leading organizations around the world, including CABFIN partners.

The Campaign looks forward to welcoming this new partner in the global coalition and sharing their progress towards the Commitment achievement at the 17th Microcredit Summit.

Read the FAO Commitment letter

Join FAO and State your Campaign Commitment

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