Grameen Foundation has a new PPI Certification – Learn About it during our Upcoming E-Workshop

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Join us Tuesday June 24th at 10:00 AM (EDT / GMT – 4) for the E-Workshop Webinar:

“Instilling Confidence in Poverty Measurement: The New PPI Certification”

This webinar will be conducted in English. For our Spanish-speaking colleagues, the Portal de Microfinanzas (@Portal_MF) will be live-tweeting in Spanish the key points addressed by the speakers.

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Join us for an e-workshop co-hosted by the Microcredit Summit Campaign and Grameen Foundation for a discussion on the recent improvements to the Progress out of Poverty Index® Certification and the new additions to the Standards of Use

Featuring Frank Ballard, the Program Officer from the Grameen Foundation‘s Social Performance Management Center, and Analí Oda, a Senior Analyst from Planet Rating, and Chiara Pescatori, Deputy Social Rating Director at MicroFinanza Rating, this webinar will introduce participants to the changes and benefits of the new PPI Certification. 

The presenters will share their knowledge and experiences on how the renovated PPI Certification can improve an organization’s measurement of poverty, enhance its reputation, and build confidence in its practices.

Through the valuable insights offered in this webinar, participants will gain a better understanding of effective and reliable poverty measurement and the benefits that it has to offer.


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Frank Ballard, Program Officer, Social Performance Management Center
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Analí Oda, Senior Analyst
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Chiara Pescatori, Deputy Social Rating Director

Join us for this stimulating conversation to gain a deeper understanding of the improvements in the new PPI Certification and the benefits that it has to offer!

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