RESULTS Australia reviews the 2014 State of the Campaign Report on their blog

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The 2014 State of the Campaign Report was featured in the blog hosted by RESULTS Australia. ‘The Power to End Poverty’ Blog is another instrument in RESULTS’ arsenal to inform not only their grassroots volunteers, but to others around Australia, the pressing issues of poverty and its solutions. Read the full blog post.

RESULTS is an international Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that uses advocacy and campaigning to see the end of extreme poverty. RESULTS Australia has been a strong supporter of the Microcredit Summit Campaign since its launch in 1997. RESULTS Australia has made microfinance one of its advocacy priorities for many years.

RESULTS Australia’s Pitch for its Government:

Around the same time that the 2014 State of the Campaign Report was launched, the Australian government released its aid policy which states that promoting prosperity, increasing stability, and reducing poverty are of top priority. These priorities are to be reached by:

  • Promoting private sector development
  • Building resilience (including disaster reduction and social protection)
  • Gender equality and empowering women and girls

RESULTS Australia believes that effective microfinance programs address all of these objectives; therefore, it is essential for the Australian Government to incorporate microfinance in its aid outreach.

Read RESULTS Australia’s full blog post about the 2014 State of the Campaign Report.

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