The Microcredit Summits’ Commitment to Improving Lives

CFI published a commentary from Josh Goldstein about microfinance, microfinance conferences, and, specifically, our Microcredit Summits.

He says, “If the Summits’ rhetoric sometimes seems a little grandiose, I personally quibble with the language of ‘lifting themselves out of extreme poverty,’ as you might guess. Though to me this is a venial not mortal sin. What would a mortal sin be? Being so weighed down by cynicism that a dream for a better world becomes a subject of quiet irony or outright derision.

“The Microcredit Summit Campaign reminds all of us that the success of our MFIs is ultimately measured by whether they extend responsible financial services to more of the unbanked so that they have a chance to improve their lives. It is the wellbeing of the client that must always come first. If we lose sight of that, we might as well go out of business.”

Josh Goldstein is principal director for economic citizenship & disability inclusion at the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion International will speak on the plenary panel “Reaching the Excluded” at the 17th Microcredit Summit in Mexico this September 3-5.

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With under 40 days to go, the 17th Microcredit Summit is rapidly approaching. CFI’s Josh Goldstein will be speaking during a plenary session focused on new innovations for microfinance and other financial inclusion interventions to more effectively reach the excluded. With the theme “Generation Next: Innovations in Microfinance,” this should be a great opportunity to explore what is on the horizon to achieve full financial inclusion. In this post, Josh discusses industry context surrounding the Summit, and what he hopes he and those in attendance will be able to take away from the event.

I am a sometime skeptic about the proliferation of microfinance conferences, but the upcoming Microcredit Summit in Merida, Mexico seems particularly important and timely. Personally, I am very excited about it. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I should add that I will be a speaker, and of course piqued vanity can certainly lead to…

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