New Report on Integrated Health and Microfinance in India Shows the Way Forward

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The Microcredit Summit Campaign and Freedom from Hunger announced the release of a report this week that puts the integration of health and microfinance in the context of India’s journey towards universal health care by 2020, documents best practices in integration, and highlights potential interventions that can be adopted by microfinance institutions as well as by non-governmental organizations that serve self-help groups.

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The report was made possible with support from Johnson & Johnson, SIDBI, and the ICCO Corporation

Freedom from Hunger, the Microcredit Summit Campaign, and the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar published a new report titled “Integrated Health and Microfinance in India, Volume II: The Way Forward.” The report was released in advance of the South Asia Conference on Policies and Practices to Improve Nutrition Security in New Delhi, India this week.

The report is part of an ongoing effort by the Health and Microfinance Alliance (led by the Microcredit Summit Campaign and Freedom from Hunger) to promote dialogue and encourage further exploration of and support for multi-sectorial approaches that integrate microfinance and health. The report highlights the policy measures in the Indian microfinance sector since 2011, documents best practices towards integrating health and microfinance, and proposes an agenda for moving forward:

  • Public health systems and institutions should take a proactive role to strengthen community participation leading to the sustainability of health programs.
  • Financial service providers should establish linkages with India’s National Rural Health Management (NRHM) to improve access to health care.
  • Championing a research agenda looking at the impact and large scale effectiveness to better understand the factors that affect the work of MFIs and SHGs on health knowledge and behavior with active support from Indian public health policy planners.
Launch event

The launch event on July 29th was attended by Prof. Swaminathan and A.R. Nanda, former Secretary of the Ministries of Health and Finance in India.

Professor M.S. Swaminathan, the “Indian Father of the Green Revolution” and chair of the Coalition for Food and National Security, joined the authors in a discussion of the report. He made the following insightful remarks:

India, despite the many programs and efforts, is stagnating at the 131st position on the global hunger index and is experiencing a similar lack of upward progress on the Human Development Index…What is needed is greater synergy across programs such as agriculture, nutrition, health, and microfinance.

You can read a great summary of the report in an article published by NextBillion called “Two Sides of the Same Coin.” In this article, Sabina Rogers and Fred Stuart of the Microcredit Summit Campaign highlight our partnership in India with Freedom from Hunger through the Health and Microfinance Alliance in which we are working with and supporting the efforts of microfinance institutions and the health sector to provide a dual impact for clients and alleviate poverty in India. Our article on NextBillion, by detailing key points in the report, shows the direct role that combining microfinance and health can play in assisting those living in extreme poverty become more resilient.

As the report lays out, increasing numbers of financial service providers to the poor are tackling health challenges head-on—including microfinance institutions (MFIs) and NGOs that support self-help groups (SHGs), often called self-help promoting institutions (SHPIs). Many are adding health-related products and services to their regular financial services programs—targeting women clients especially—to help their clients build resilience and see a population-wide impact.

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