Relive the excitement of the 17th Microcredit Summit

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At the close of the 17th Microcredit Summit, Larry Reed, director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, exhorted those assembled to remember that it is the entrepreneurs who are doing the hard work to get out of poverty. He shared his own story of running a half marathon as an analogy of running the race to escape poverty to explain how much easier it is if you have a crowd cheering you on. We underscored this point by bringing to the stage–amidst thunderous applause–the microfinance clients who had been selling their wares the past three days at the Summit’s Expokonool (the vendors’ exhibit) to receive recognition for THEIR hard work.

Larry said, “There are more than enough resources in our world; it just remains to be seen if there is the will to use them in the way it is needed.” We hope that the enthusiasm and high ideals that were so prominent among both speakers and participants carry through into your day-to-day activities. We hope that you find a way to maintain the inspiration you felt in Mexico through to 2015 and beyond.


You can make a Campaign Commitment today–or learn more about how it works. It’s not too late to make your Campaign Commitment! Learn more about the Commitment process here or complete the Commitment form online today at

You can watch videos uploaded to our YouTube channel, conveniently arranged in playlists and share them with your colleagues:

*Note about our YouTube videos: these are recordings of sessions as they were broadcast live by our partners, PRONAFIM, and are best watched with headphones as they have been recorded with the original audio and the interpretation playing simultaneously. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

You can review speakers’ PowerPoint presentations that we have uploaded to our SlideShare account and clearly labeled by session title and speaker or organization. If you have a PPT that is not up there, please send it to summits[at]

You can read articles about the Summit from NextBillion, the Microfinance Gateway, FOMIN, CFI, Truelift, and more! And, you can blog about your own experience and let us share it with the larger microfinance community. Contact Sabina Rogers at rogers[at] to share your article.

You can check out photos taken at the Summit by us as well as other Summit delegates on our Eversnap album. Share your own photos using the album code “17MCSummit”. Huge thanks to those who have already shared your photos! Keep them coming! You can share these photos from Eversnap to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and you can download the photos as well.

Did you attend the 17th Microcredit Summit? You can tell us what you thought about it–as a whole and plenary-by-plenary. Fill out BOTH the Summit Evaluation Form (here) AND the Plenary Evaluation Form (here) BY THE END OF TODAY (Monday, September 9th) for a chance to win one of three free registrations to the 18th Microcredit Summit.

Here is what Summit participants are saying about the most useful aspects of the 17th Microcredit Summit that will help them create and support the next generation of innovations in microfinance:

[The Summit was] “Relevant for understanding technology usage and distribution aspects which can impact adaptation and adoption of other financial services too, especially insurance.”
“The plenaries were excellent, informative, diverse and authentic in that people are varying opinions were welcomed to discuss issues.”
“This is the first time I see this variety of topics. The learning curve for someone with long experience in microfinance was very high!”
“I liked the topics on health, education, [and] job creation as we need to expand the microfinance model to become more holistic and [provide] access to a variety of services, and less about just credit.”

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