Domestic Violence and Microfinance: What Is Our Role as Financial Service Providers?

We measure what matters to us. Or, we should, anyway. So, how important is the health of microfinance clients to you? Should MFIs assess the healthiness of their clients? Should investors be concerned if microfinance clients have poor health?

“What was brought to light [at the 17th Microcredit Summit] in Mexico is that we have to measure this [domestic violence] because … Domestic violence is not just an empowerment indicator, but also a mental health indicator. It would likely give us a more complete indication of a woman’s ability to make use of financial and health services for her ultimate benefit and that of her children.”

The Microcredit Summit Campaign and Freedom from Hunger, partners in the Health and Microfinance Alliance, are piloting a set of practical health indicators for MFIs to measure and monitor client health over time. These indicators would both serve to assist MFIs to measure their own progress in monitoring client health over time and to externally demonstrate the evidence of their social performance. Learn more.

This initiative is made possible with the generous support of Johnson & Johnson.

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> Posted by Bobbi Gray, Research and Evaluation Specialist, Freedom from Hunger

The day after the closing of the Microcredit Summit in Merida, Mexico, conference participants were also invited to join in a day-long discussion about integrating health with microfinance. Half of the day was spent discussing a set of health indicators that are currently being tested in India, Peru, and the Philippines as part of Freedom from Hunger and the Microcredit Summit Campaign’s Health and Microfinance Alliance. Alliance data from several participating institutions was presented, with the goal of the discussion to identify the most appropriate combination of indicators to track changes in client well-being over time and identify aspects of health that can be effectively addressed by financial service providers (FSPs).

The goal of these pilots is to provide the financial services industry with a set of standardized, comparable, relevant, and reliable health indicators that they can add…

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