Op-ed Published on Devex: Microfinance is the key for the Philippines to meet MDG 5

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>>By Steve Hollingworth, Larry Reed, Jaime Aristotle Alip
>>Originally published by Devex Impact on 18 November 2014

A doctor provides free checkups as part of a health outreach program in the Philippines. Photo by: CARD MRI

With just over 400 days remaining the meet the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, the National Economic and Development Authority of the Philippines and U.N. Development Program recently reported the country is poised to miss achieving MDG 5 on maternal health.

The Philippine Department of Health has determined that the maternal mortality rate increased in 2011 to 221 deaths per 100,000 live births, precipitating a national call for stepping up efforts to reduce maternal mortality.

Most of these deaths are preventable and related to a lack of access to qualified family planning and reproductive services, as well as entrenched health behaviors. Filipinos are low users of primary care services and often delay seeking care until health problems become serious. Increasing access and changing these habits will require the coordinated efforts of multiple sectors.

Read the full article on Devex.

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