Including children and youth in your work to end extreme poverty

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Join us for Global Money Week! March 9 – 17, 2015

The Microcredit Summit Campaign is teaming up with Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) for the second year to support greater access to financial tools and services for children and youth living in extreme poverty.


Join us for Global Money Week! March 09 – 17, 2015

This March 9 to 17, organizations around the world participating in Global Money Week (GMW) will be engaging in actions – large and small – promoting access to, and awareness of, financial tools and services designed for children and youth.

In 2014, we launched a joint Campaign Commitment with CYFI that takes advantage of our shared aim of addressing the needs of children and youth living in extreme poverty. Join us in taking action this year to better serve children and youth living in extreme poverty! See below for resources that CYFI has put together to help you organize your own event during GMW 2015.

We would like to recognize those who are doing great things in this area. Contact us if you would like to highlight your efforts to serve the needs of children and youth living in extreme poverty by announcing your 2015 Campaign Commitment. 

Write to us for advice or Commit online!

TOOLKIT: Get ideas for your GMW 2015 Action from this toolkit developed by CYFI. Here are some other ideas that CYFI is ready to help you develop into action:

  • Support starting a SchoolBank model developed by CYFI
  • Host a day for clients to visit your institution to learn how services providers work!
  • Hold an education session for children or youth about the importance of financial tools such as savings accounts

COMMIT: Use GMW to Launch a 2015 Campaign Commitment to support children and youth financial inclusion. We are working with CYFI to recruit Commitments from 50 financial service providers who will reach 10 million children and youth through by the end of 2015. In addition, we aim to reach 250,000 children and youth through 25 financial institutions during GMW 2015. Join us in taking action this year to better serve children and youth living in extreme poverty!

E-WORKSHOP (time change!): Join us on March 12 at 11 AM (ET / GMT-4) 10 AM (ET / GMT-5) for the next Campaign Commitment E-Workshop co-hosted with CYFI to learn more about their new SchoolBank initiative and their recently published guide for developing products and services specifically designed to work with children and youth. Stay tuned for more details on our guest speakers and the topics of the day.

Be inspired. Set goals. Make a Commitment.

How can you serve children and youth living in extreme poverty? Write to us to find out more or send us your Commitment online!

Follow this E-Workshop and the Campaign’s 100 Million Project:

Learn about the 100 Million Project Project and Campaign Commitments.

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The Microcredit Summit Campaign is co-hosting a webinar with the SEEP Network on March 4th at 9:30 AM (ET / GMT-5) called “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: How MFIs Can Track the Health of Clients.” The session will focus on client health outcomes, so if you’re interested in how MFIs can track the health of their clients you wont want to miss this! Register today.