E-Workshop Recap: Open Source Technology and Financial Inclusion

Dear Mr. Maina. Your loan instalment of Ksh. 1000 is due tomorrow. Asante Musoni. Using Open Source Technology to Expand Financial Inclusion. February 19th.

If you were not able to attend the E-Workshop, have a look at the Recording of the session and PowerPoint Slides

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On February 19th, the Mifos Initiative co-hosted with the Microcredit Summit Campaign an E-Workshop sharing insights on open source technology and integrating social performance management into their platform. The Mifos Initiative announced a Campaign Commitment in 2015 to promote poverty measurement tools through the integration of them into their cloud-based core banking system.

Here is what Ed Cable, director of community programs at The Mifos Initiative had to say about the event and the power of our global coalition of Campaign Commitment-makers:

MIFOS LogoThe Mifos Initiative and its global community is driven by creating a common technology foundation for the entire sector to convene around and collectively build new innovation to more deliver financial services to the base of the pyramid. We were honored to share the personal experiences of our community members during the E-Workshop and openly invite and welcome everyone to come join our community. It’s only through the united efforts of the global financial inclusion sector that we can achieve our Commitments to social performance excellence.

 Musoni app replacing paper forms

The E-Workshop also featured Musoni, which runs a mobile microfinance institution based in Kenya and developed the Musoni tablet app in 2012. The Musoni app is a user-friendly, affordable, and flexible platform that enables MFIs to register, track clients. (Musoni Systems, the firm that designed the app can help your MFIs to use the app as well.) This cloud-based app originally powered by Mifos increases efficiency of MFIs who can operate paperless with field staff collecting data on their tablets. The Musoni app already captures the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) data.

Cameron Goldie-Scot, CEO of Musoni Sytems, said of the E-Workshop,

Musoni logo“Musoni has always been committed to increasing the level of social performance measurement in the industry. It was great, therefore, to be able to explain the way we have integrated the PPI surveys into the Musoni System and to hear the feedback and questions from the other participants. In particular, I really enjoyed discussing the impact that tablets and smartphones have in making it easier for field officers to capture data remotely.”

Markus Geiss, a software developer involved with the Mifos Community, told us of his decision to work with Mifos and what he is enjoying as a volunteer in the Mifos Community. A long-time software developer, Markus was looking for a new project to work on that could have a strong impact on society. During the E-Workshop, he guided us through the Mifos X platform and explained us how Mifos is planning to integrate the PPI (Progress out of Poverty Index) in the coming months. Markus finds a real interest in working with Mifos because “sustainable open technologies will help not only the poor but provide better, safer and transparent financial services for all of us”.

Have a look at the recording of the session and PowerPoint Slides to know more about Mifos and Musoni. If you are interested in using the Mifos X platform, you can download it from Mifos website or also write them at info@mifos.org. And you can join the Mifos Community at their Annual Summit in Dubai next week, March 10-13.

Thank you to all panelists for demystifying how these open-source platforms can be a helpful tool in reaching the excluded. We also wish to thank all participants who submitted questions and comments and made the session interactive!

We invite you to join the Mifos Initiative in our global coalition to help 100 million families lift themselves out of poverty. State your Campaign Commitment by contacting us at mycommitment@microcreditsummit.org.

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