Mifos and DreamStart team up on Commitment – And they’re looking for a partner!

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Join the Mifos Initiative and DreamStart Labs in a new, bold, and momentous initiative. They are collaborating on a joint Campaign Commitment that embodies the spirit of the 100 Million Project with its measurable approach and global outreach for the financial inclusion of the world’s extreme poor.

These two Commitment Makers will begin by providing a sample of savings groups from various countries with software to manage their financial records. Working in the lean startup method of “build-measure-learn,” they will adjust and fine-tune their software to meet the needs of the extreme poor. Not only will the software empower families and communities to become part of the formal financial services system, but more importantly, it will provide crucial data that will improve product design and the lives of the families who receive them.

BECOME PART OF THIS INITIATIVE. Mifos and DreamStart are looking for a partner to roll out this platform. The ideal partner for this project will be a highly motivated, committed organization with a global network of saving groups. The Mifos Initiative and DreamStart Labs hope to welcome this partner by the end of the month and announce this exciting new Commitment at the 18th Microcredit Summit in Abu Dhabi this March 14-17.

From Mifos and DreamStart:

Mifos Initiative and DreamStart Labs are teaming up to submit a joint 100 Million Project Commitment at this year’s Microcredit Summit. Our commitment will involve the creation of an exciting new software product that makes it easy for member-owned savings groups to manage their financial records – and enables the organizations that support them to collect data, analyze it to gain insights, and measure progress-out-of-poverty statistics. Powered by the Mifos X platform, a core banking platform delivered as a cloud-based service, the planned software solution will also be a powerful enabler in helping savings groups members become part of the formal financial services system and join the digital payments ecosystem.


We are currently looking for a third strategic partner to join this initiative. The ideal partner will be an organization that supports a significant number of savings groups in developing countries, and is willing to work closely with us to identify 8-10 groups to serve as pilot customers and help design and test this solution. In addition to getting top priority in defining the features of this product, this partner will share top billing in all marketing and PR activities associated with this project.

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We look forward to sharing more about the Mifos and DreamStart joint Commitment as well as the more than 30 other Campaign Commitments launched this year. Come to the 18th Microcredit Summit to learn how these and other industry leaders are pushing the boundaries of financial inclusion strategies to serve the extreme poor. And, find out how to be recognized as a leader yourself! Register today!

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