The Truelift Indicators are now available in the SPI4

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CERISE and SPTF have created, with the support of their membership, the SPI4, a universal social performance assessment tool that integrates emerging industry social performance standards. MFIs can use the SPI4 as a self-assessment tool, or with the assistance of someone trained in the SPI. This blog post was originally published by Truelift on July, 29 2015.

The Truelift Indicators Tool has been streamlined and incorporated into the SPI4 as the pro-poor module. The SPI4 is a universal social performance assessment tool that integrates emerging industry social performance standards (Read more about the SPI4).

The streamlined SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module not only significantly reduces the number of indicators that need to be answered, it also contains guidance and examples of compliance for each indicator, easing practitioner completion of the self-assessment.

Completed SPI4 Truelift pro-poor modules can be still be submitted to Truelift by emailing the Excel file to info[at] with the subject “Institution Name: SPI4 Truelift pro-poor module” to get verified and recognized as an Aspirant Milestones institution.

Download and complete the Truelift pro-poor module in the SPI4.

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Auditing MFIs

Is it possible to get genuine performance measures concerning the social performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs)? In a recent article, I was pleased to notice that CERISE provided a tool to “capture” this information.

Microfinance Knowledge Network (CERISE), based in Paris, gathers five leaders in French microfinance to provide technical assistance to MFIs around the world. One of the expertises of CERISE is to perform social auditing of MFIs with their own tool that has been created.
The Reuters article mentions: “The latest innovation in social performance measurement is to look not only at the performance of the microfinance institutions, but also to undertake a social audit of private financiers. […] Cerise is at the forefront of social performance, and serves as an exchange platform on practices in microfinance. Cerise’s Social Performance Indicator tool, a social audit instrument for microfinance institutions, is recognized by CGAP, SEEP network and donors worldwide. The tool is currently being developed to analyze financier’s internal systems and processes.”
As mentioned in the article, Oikocredit, one of the world’s largest sources of private funding to the microfinance sector, has recently released the results of it social audit results “to know that investments of some EUR 370 million lead to positive changes in the lives of the working poor.” You can have a glimpse of the audit results and read the article here. You can also visit their Website for a detailed analysis.