Global Money Week at the 18th Microcredit Summit with Luis Fernando Sanabria

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18th Microcredit Summit & 2016 Global MOney Week Interview Series

Luis Fernando Sanabria, COO of Fundación Paraguaya, interviewed by Jared Penner, director of thought leadership and consultancy at Child & Youth Finance International in the Netherlands.

Luis Fernando Sanabria, COO of Fundación Paraguaya, tells about his organization’s commitment to serving the youth of Paraguay. He highlights the importance of the youth in Paraguay, noting that half the country’s population is under 30 years old. “They are not only the future, but also the present — especially of our economy,” he points out.

Fundación Paraguaya focuses on developing a self-sufficient school model so that the youth will be prepared to have a successful in life. The organization encourages youth to engage in micro-enterprises and works with other organizations to develop a supportive ecosystem.

“Everything we learn in microfinance and in financial literacy,” said Sanabria, “we put it in our self-sufficient school model. Those are self-sufficient schools for very poor people. We run microenterprises on the campuses of those schools, and the microenterprises are run by teachers and students. They serve 2 purposes: first one is to generate income to sustain the school but second, and perhaps the more important objective, is to better train students to be successful in life…They learn not only about production but about marketing, accounting, packaging — everything they need to run a real enterprise when they graduate.”

Fundación Paraguaya commits to next five years is to creating partnerships with other organizations and help 30,000 families in Paraguay to leave extreme poverty.

Serving children and youth in your work to end poverty

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Nearly 70 individuals joined us on March 12th to celebrate Global Money Week and engage with representatives from AGFUND and Child & Youth Finance International, exploring strategies and specific programs to include children and youth in their work to help end poverty.

The discussion went in depth on major challenges facing microfinance practitioners looking to effectively and safely serve this group but also highlighted several leading examples of how those challenges may be overcome.


Jared Penner, manager for education and engagement, spoke about the importance of not overlooking children and youth in the financial inclusion map and underscored the importance of early exposure to, and the deeper resulting understanding from, using financial tools — particularly savings accounts. Ignacio Bianco, also with CYFI, talked about their SchoolBank Program in which they work with education and banking partners to deliver specially designed savings accounts to children at their schools.

AGFUND_279x172Nasser Al-Khatani, executive director of AGFUND, presented some foundational lessons that have been developed into guidelines for how AGFUND’s member banks approach serving children and youth through a combination of financial and educational supports. Mr. Al-Khatani also described their own work with delivering savings to children and the important role this program has played in further integrating the children’s parents into the formal financial system.

Watch the full session here!

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We were thrilled to be part of Global Money Week through a Campaign Commitment E-Workshop for the second year in a row. We are also pleased to have both CYFI and AGFUND as members of the Campaign through their impressive Campaign Commitments!  Find out more here.

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E-Workshop: Including Children & Youth in Your Work to End Extreme Poverty

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As part of Global Money Week 2015 join us for an E-Workshop to explore how child and youth inclusive approaches to financial inclusion are making a difference in ending poverty!

March 12, 2015 | 11 AM(GMT-4)

The Microcredit Summit Campaign is teaming up with Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) for the second year to support greater access to financial tools and services for children and youth living in extreme poverty.

We are joined this year by AGFUND‘s executive director, Nasser Al-Khatani, who will share how AGFUND is strengthening their work to reduce poverty though savings accounts for children, education loans, and youth capacity training.

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for an E-Workshop webinar titled:
“Including Children & Youth in Your Work to End Extreme Poverty”

Join us for this exciting discussion to gain a deeper understanding of how child and youth inclusive strategies are working to support ending extreme poverty!

This webinar will be conducted in English. For our Spanish-speaking colleagues, the Portal de Microfinanzas (@Portal_MF) will be live-tweeting in Spanish the key points addressed by the speakers.

Child & Youth Finance International Jared Penner
Manger, Global Engagement and Evaluation
Igancio Blanco
Banking and Financial Institution Coordinator
Arab Gulf Programme for Development – AGFUND Nasser Al-Khatani
Executive Director
Microcredit Summit Campaign Jesse Marsden
Program Manager (Moderator)

Join us for Global Money Week! March 09 – 17, 2015

This March 9 to 17, organizations around the world participating in Global Money Week (GMW) will be engaging in actions – large and small – promoting access to, and awareness of, financial tools and services designed for children and youth.

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