A Single Garment of Destiny


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On Monday, January 21, in the United States we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. He would have been 84 on January 15th. Dr. King represents for us a man who used moral vision and courage to bring about a change that started first in people’s hearts, and then moved into actions and law. He fought for change in a way that highlighted injustice while calling people of all faiths and races to work together to overcome it.

Dr. King’s vision went far beyond garnering equal rights for his own racial group. His own experience of oppression and suffering led him to identify with all who suffer from systems and structures that exclude them. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Dr. King used the metaphor of a “World House” to remind us that we all inhabit the same fragile planet and that the way we live together will either make the house more habitable or destroy it altogether.

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