#tbt: The Need for Pricing Transparency in Microfinance


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#ThrowbackThursday comes from the 2009 State of the Campaign Report EspañolFrançais Continue reading

Towards Excellence in SPM: Opportunity International’s Strategy & Commitment


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Opportunity shared with us their SPM strategy and their unique Social Performance Dashboard. Learn also about their updates from the Commitment announced in 2013. Español Français Continue reading

From Intent to Action: Resources to Pursue Responsible Inclusive Finance


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Dina Pons of Incofin IM, the moderator of the workshop, “Responsible, client-centric practices at every level, and demonstrated commitment to fulfilling its mission,” started the presentation with the following description of Responsible Inclusive Finance:

Every institution along the value chain of “responsible inclusive finance” – whether socially or financially motivated – employs responsible, client-centric practices at every level of its business and demonstrates commitment to fulfilling its mission.

Read the summary of proceedings for this workshop.

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